6 places I would recommend to a friend visiting Stockholm

Every now and then, I have friends from other countries come visit me in Stockholm. Since I love writing travel advice and sharing my best sites, I thought I would share some of them with you today too.

If you didn’t know already, Stockholm is where I have been based the last years of my life. I love this city more and more everyday. Fine, it can be a little rough in winter and if you are used to more socially outgoing cultures it can seem a little off-putting and cold at first.

On the flip-side, the advantages of living in this city are many. Some being its proximity to beautiful nature and water, and I don’t mean one or two big parks. The other being that every neighborhood have their own parks, and you just need to go 10-15 minutes from the city center on the subway to get see forest.

A part from that, it has a vibrant culture, restaurant, music and entrepreneurial scene. Also, not to be overlooked, are its clean air and waters (How many capitals do you know where you can swim in the city?). A lot of people from all over the world come here to live and work. And if you are into walkable cities with a good public transport infrastructure, this is your place.

Another unknown fact is that it is a perfect city for raising kids in or to visit with kids. Having lived in many other european cities, I know that it is not a given. Streets and public transport are well adapted for strollers. Every neighborhood (even downtown) have one or several public playgrounds. Museums always tend to have a part catering to the little ones. Swedes in general are very fond of kids and most restaurants will accept visitors bringing their children without any fuss.

Here are 6 places I would recommend for anyone visiting Stockholm:

  1. Walking Odengatan from Fridhemsplan to Odenplan – This is one of my favorite shopping streets. Partially because it has all kinds of stores: clothes, interior design, delis, vintage, ok cafées and some good eateries. It lacks a good bookstore to be complete, but runs along a long and pretty park (Vasaparken). When you get to the end of Odenplan you will see the Municipal Library (Stadsbiblioteket) on the right, built in 1920’s. If you are a book-lover like me, and thrive around books, make sure not miss the inside of this building.

    stockholm travel adviceStadsbiblioteket

  2. Visiting Centralbadet on Drottningatan – Running through the center of the city you will probably end up on this street while in Stockholm (hard to avoid the Queen’s Street). I would stop for a coffe or treat myself to a morning soak in the little pool and spa area here. Mostly as an excuse to get to admire the beautiful green and hidden patio, or to get to hang out in the interesting insides of the building. The establishment was built in 1903 and constructed in a Jugend-style architecture (known as Art Nouveau in the Anglophone world).

  3. Åsögatan with Erstagatan – I love this old street. It runs through some of the most interessting neighborhoods in the city. Start at Götgatan and continue the street until you cross Renstiernas gata. On your way here you will have crossed some interesting stores, a little park and cafés. When you cross the street, you are into one of Stockholm’s most interesting restaurant areas. The best eateries here start with the Restaurant Nook on Åsögatan 176 with a recommendation in the Guide Michelin. If you want something a little friendlier to the wallet but still good price-quality continue the street down to the corner with Erstagatan where you have Restaurant Ai Ramen. If you are looking for something fancier and a small delicious bite with a decent glass of wine, the wine bar Folii a few meters up on Erstagatan is your place. Wine, food and service here is amazing and I would not miss Folii if I had to pick just one place from this neighborhood.

  4. Katarinavägen – Starting this walk down at the famous meeting point Slussen you simply follow the street uphills while admiring the beautiful view and scenery on the left. On your way up you will pass by a very famous monument called La Mano, raised in the 70’s in memory of all the Swedes who participated and died in the Spanish civil war. Once you have reached the end of the street, just continue in to Herman’s vegetarian restaurant for a coffe or some food and sit on his terrace situated right on the edge of the hill, where you can continue admiring the unique views.

    Vinterviken’s Garden Cafe, Stockholm

  5. Vinterviken – If you are into walking, parks and nature, this place is a summer gem. Situated right on the water at the beautiful bay of Vinterviken (litteraly means the Winter Bay), it is surrounded by old houses and small patches of forest. There are two cafes in the area, one named after the area Winterviken open 365 years a day in one of Alfred Nobel’s old factories. Continuing inland, away from the old factory, you will pass some beautiful old allotment gardens from the 70’s. At the end of the allotment gardens you will the gorgeous Vintervikens trädgårdskafé, a garden café. It is only open during the farmer season but will offer a lot of concerts and cultural activities throughout the cool summer evenings.

    Travel advice Stockholm

    Vinterviken in Stockholm

  6. Bio-Rio – Is an old and quaint cinema built in the 1940’s with well kept facade and décor. It still features independent cinema, and in the afternoon it also opens its café and bistro. It has an interesting music curation with a lot of old school French chanson and hits. If you are there on a sunny day, make sure to sit outside on the terrace facing the beautiful water of Liljeholmsviken. If you get their on a rainy day, you still have the pleasure to snuggle up at a table in a corner admiring the establishments well kept old walls and decoration, immersing in a feeling of the 40’s.

Hope you will enjoy my city!

Have you visited or are you currently living in Stockholm? Which are your favorite sites or places? Leave a comment and let me know! Or visit our Facebook page and connect with us there.

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