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Wine and content writing
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As a virtual assistant I enjoy writing and creating content. With this piece I would like to share a little content on one of my favorite topics.

Wine is one of my big interests and pleasures in life.

As a matter of fact, I owe this great interest of mine to two of the countries where I have previously lived. The one country being France, of course, where I went to senior high school for a year . I was 18 and ended up at a Lycée in southern France being specialized in viticulture (the odds are smaller than you might think). Yes, wine-tasting was on the schedule even if my high school program as a whole focused on humanities, language and literature. But hey, I guess all of those have a lot in common in the end.

Spanish Wine

My later wine muse was Spanish wine. In my early twenties I moved to Spain where wine was just a natural part of everyday life and food. My passionate bias for Spanish wine came from this experience. In my belief, there are great wine regions in Spain that are underestimated at best and unknown at worst. I know, I know, this statement will probably outrage a lot of wine-connoisseurs and aficionados out there (since France seem to be what any wine-connoisseur is still supposed to cite as wine heaven).

Hopefully, I will find the time and energy to share some of my wine knowledge and interest with you on this blog so stay tuned.

Wine Content Writing Virtual Assistant
Ribera Sacra – Photo from Pixabay


Meanwhile I will namedrop my favorite wine region in Spain for now (I have a feeling though I will be forever loyal to this region): Ribeira Sacra!

Just listen to the beauty in that name! Ribeira Sacra. Meaning sacred shore and, trust me, sacred it is. Found in the beautiful, mysterious and to the rest of the world fairly unknown region of Galicia. I love Galicia, and if you love beautiful nature, great food, good wine, old cities and palaces, you will love this region too. It is one of Spain’s 19 autonomous regions and the official language, besides Castillian, is Gallego (Galician). The language is closely related with both Spanish and Portuguese. As a matter of fact, it helps a lot knowing some Portuguese to understand people and get around, although people will speak to you in Spanish the pronunciation and local lingo is still quite different to Spanish.

I promise to write more about this magic region in a coming post.

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