Travel Planning and Being a VA on the Road

One of the services that Smedberg Consulting and Virtual Assistance offer is travel planing. Therefor I want to share some of my latest experiences with you here in this new post about my latest trip to Malmö and Copenhagen.

The perks of being location independent

One of my goals with starting a business in virtual assistance, was to be able to be location independent. Mostly to be able to work from home, or a café if I feel like it. But also, to have better control over my time, how and where I want to work.

A good perk that comes along with location independent businesses is that it is easier to just pack up my laptop, notebook and go work from another city or country when or if I feel like it. All that I need is a stable internet connection, good planning and a little discipline.

Travel planning
Jaegersborggade, Copenhagen

House swapping

Sometime in Spring, I will try to look through my network of friends and hear if anybody is interested in a house swap for the summer. Sometimes I get lucky and a friend or two are own for a house swap during summer. Other times people will still offer me to come stay at their house while they are away somewhere else for vacation. I love seeing a new, or known city from a friend’s house. It gives me the opportunity to see the city from their perspective, but also to encounter streets and neighborhoods I might not have seen otherwise. Don’t get me wrong though, I also like the luxurious feeling of staying at a comfortable hotel once in a while.

Moreover, I like giving my own house up for friends to borrow. Since I love sharing my city and beautiful neighborhood which you might have seen an example of in a previous blog post.

Getting up early to do my work

I am usually an early riser. I just feel like my creative juices, productivity and focus are at their best in the morning. Plus, having a small child, it is a good time of the day to get things done when the little one is still a sleep.

Travel planning
Skate ramp at a square in Norrebro, Copenhagen


When on the road with my family and work, I have to organise and plan well to be able to get some work done in the morning and perhaps a few hours at night so I can hang out with friends and family during the day.

If at a hotel, I will just sneak out of the room before my family wakes up, and go sit in the lobby to get some work done. When the morning shift is over, and my family has woken up I like to enjoy a quick breakfast with them and later go out to discover the city. I definitely don’t have the time to see and do as many things as I used to before I had a little one, but that is ok. I still enjoy being in a new place and discovering the new city through the eyes and pace of my child. My husband and I are lucky she enjoys eating out as much as we do and shares an interest in new dishes and foods. It makes traveling so much easier 🙂 When we are not discovering new eateries, I love walking my way around the new city. Discovering a city by foot is an absolute favorite! Number 2 is discovering it on bike.

travel planning
Christiania bike in miniature for kids, Copenhagen
travel planning
Pretty cool playground in Norrebro, Copenhagen

The best planning device

I like to plan my trips ahead well, look up interesting eateries, neighborhoods and streets, museums, parks or historic sites. Evernote is the best tool to use on the go. I will make lists of all the places I want to see and go under different categories. It is not like writing it all on a paper, which you might later lose. Since I can use the software both on my laptop and my phone, the lists and notes can easily be shared with family and friends. I highly recommend it as a tool for efficient travel planing.

travel planning
Café Gonzo in Norrebro, Copenhagen. Wish this was my living room …

What are your hacks for travel planning? And do you also go on workations? Leave a comment or go to our Facebook page and interact with us there.

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travel planning
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