About Smedberg Consulting

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Virtual Assistant – Frida Smedberg


My Name is Frida Smedberg and I am a Virtual Assistant.

Is this you:

-Do you want to grow your business and need support while doing it?
-Are there too many things you want to do but only 24 hours on your day?
-Do you know where you wanna take your business and what needs to get done but you lack the time?


Would you like to have more time to spend on working on your:

-Business strategy
-Working out
-Playing with your kids
-Spending time with your friends and family
-Pursuing a hobby

Are you a:

-Life Coach
-Public Speaker
-Online Educator
-Online or Social Entrepreneur

Are you ready to delegate?

I am here to help and work with you!


Smedberg Consulting & Virtual Assistance offers services to help people like you within:

-Project management

About me:

As a Virtual Assistant, I am a driven and energetic person with a fast learning capacity, a good counselor with excellent analytical and communication skills.

By helping You manage your calendar, email, travel and project planning, internet research, market research, managing contacts, organizing events and managing social media, my services allow You do more of what really matters to You.

My profile is highly international, having lived, worked and studied in 5 countries.
I speak Swedish, English, and Spanish fluently.

The Services I provide are location independent so it doesn’t matter to me where you and your business is based on the globe. You can choose to work with me for a few hours, or on a weekly or monthly basis for as long as you need.

Let me help You and Your business today!

Email or  call me if you want to work with me:

46-(0)101 508 575



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